The Jedi Council


Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken


Jan-Nicolas (pronounced Yann-Ni-co-lah) founded the agency in 2005. He wanted to bring together a group of the industry’s most promising talents to create solutions that could amaze clients, collaborators and competitors alike. Eight years later, he’s proud to say that his many years as the head of the Tetris Club are finally paying off.

Joe Blauer

Partner, CTO

Trained in both the liberal arts and business, Joe is a staunch supporter of collaborative systems and progressive work methods. His experience has also given him a unique perspective on how the human factor impacts the deployment of information systems. Joe is a visionary and his grounded presence nicely complements Jan-Nicolas’ leadership style. Together, they continue to create an agency like no other.

Marie-Claude Landry

Vice-president, Client services and operations

When Marie-Claude handles your dossier, you can definitely sleep easy at night. Marie-Claude excels at proposing solutions and strategies that are truly aligned with client needs. She also ensures that everyone in the agency is working on the right task, at the right time and that no detail is overlooked. After all, the devil is in the details! Marie-Claude, on a side note, has the healthiest lunches at the agency.

Patrick Williams

Vice-president, Design and innovation

This multi-talented creative dabbles in a variety of art forms, showing off his skills with a mouse, camera or drawing pencil. For every project that he contributes to, Patrick likes to push the limits of what’s possible and challenge his own creativity. A daring made possible by his ongoing learning experiences and limitless curiosity for new and emerging trends. Ask him about the time he was a barely-dressed sandwich-board man during a workshop with Stefan Sagmeister.

Matthieu Parent

Vice-president, Finance

Matthieu began his career as an auditor with KPMG. When he joined TP1, he had to replace his suit and tie with jeans and sneakers, but his strong business skills are sharper than ever. Matt ensures the financial health of the agency, while also letting us throw killer parties. At our last Halloween party, Matt came dressed as an accountant.

The power of a full-fledged agency.

Because every product or website has unique needs.

TP1 excels at handling complex projects in which many disciplines – strategy, design, technology and advertising – are required.

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  • Advertising
  • Strategy
  • Identity
  • Web

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