Boom Sketch Box: Turning ideas into images

April 18, 2013

There’s live tweeting…

But what other kinds of content can we share with our community during an event? Participants in last week’s first Boomerang conference, organized by Infopresse, were introduced to live note sketching – a totally new way to share your ideas during live events.

What is note sketching?

It consists of taking down notes as sketchesor even doodles. The idea came about during a brainstorm session in which we all praised notes taken during the WAQ conference by one of our UX designers, Cynthia. It’s a technique that she’s been using for some time already.

Generally, ideas will be stimulated while you scribble. An idea that gradually gets fleshed out and refined as the production process unfolds.

We wanted to prove that the opposite is also possible: that a complex idea can be elaborated and contained in the form of a sketch. Over the course of the day, ourthree talented sketchers (Guillaume, Cynthia and Geneviève) attended various sessions in order to present live summaries of the content. We also invited other participants to join in the effort, using the hashtag #BoomSketch. Oftentimes, we assume that only “ creative people ” or “ artists ” can sketch, but we all know how to be creative and how to visualize ideas. We even created a “ note sketching 101 ” tutorial to help explain the concept. To encourage more people to participate, sketches were projected at the TP1 booth, Boom Sketch Box and posted on social media.

Like infographics, note sketching is a popular trend. The exercise enables you to boil a quantity of information down to its essence. It’s also a fun way to explain content to yourself and to others. Considering the amount of images we are bombarded with every day, this technique is an effective way to digest important details.

Although doing all this live – in addition to creating an 8’ x 20’ giant mural – was more work than we had anticipated, the ability to more actively participate in the conference kept us motivated. What a pleasure to give something back to the community too! Presenters Lg2 and Sid Lee even reposted our drawings on their Facebook walls.

Note sketching may seem difficult, but it truly is not. You don’t have to be artistically inclined to make drawings, take my word for it. Once you get started, you just can’t stop!

So are you ready to try? 😉

[slideshare id=18744733&doc=boomsketchbox-2013-130413134138-phpapp01&w=614&h=459]