Charting a new course

June 8, 2016

In 2016, a new path was opened up for the agency, compelling us to make an important, exciting and strategic decision. At noon yesterday, we announced the acquisition of TP1 by Havas, the largest advertising group in France and the sixth largest in the world, as well as my nomination as President of the Montreal office.

This is an important decision, both professionally and personally, and it was made after a long period of reflection. During the process, I met many passionate, approachable, authentic and ambitious people at Havas. But above all, I met a team that shares our values and is eager to learn more about our corporate culture, experiences and how we can contribute to the whole Havas group. Although there will be a transition ahead, it will be filled with wonderful opportunities.

Our world has vastly changed in the last 10 years. I refer, of course, to the massive upheavals with agencies, but also to the more subtle, yet profound changes in our own lives that develop over the course of time. Twenty years ago, I was offered my first real job. At that time, barely anyone had an email address. Working in “web” was IT work and it was impossible to explain what I did to my family. Today, technology has been woven into the very fabric of our lives. The word “digital” that for many years preceded “agency” has now become redundant. Digital is everywhere.

Our clients and employees expect more from us: more ideas, more innovation, more opportunities and more results. But also, more freedom. Creativity is no longer limited by individual capability, but rather, has been liberated by our collective intelligence. Joining Havas immediately multiplies our network by 500 times and creates a strong Montreal team with 80 talented people who love what they do.

We’re going to listen and get to know one another, find ways to work together. We will try many new ideas and probably have to start over from scratch once or twice. We will ask plenty of naive questions and challenge the status quo. We will, in short, do what we have always done. Consistently charting new courses with humble determination, and without ever compromising our integrity or the quality of our work.

At this, the end of the TP1 story, but at the beginning of a new adventure, I feel enormous pride and abundant gratitude to all those who made the agency what it is today: for the first Tépétiens and all those who followed, I hope that you learned many things, because you taught myself, our clients and our partners so much more. To Joe Blauer, my once, and always, partner and colleague, I wish you all in the best in the years to come. Joe, thank you so much, please take a bow and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

I look forward to seeing where this new path takes us.

Photo: Sébastien D’Amour, November 22, 2012, #TP7