Montreal WordPress meetup() at TP1

February 16, 2012

Yeah. It’s really written like that. Geeky, huh? This past February 2, digital agency TP1 hosted the mostly-monthly meetup for WordPress developers (developer_meetup() photos on Flickr). This time around, website developer and theme reviewer Kirk Wight talked about the theme review process used for wordpress.org. He gave us some great insight into WordPress guidelines, as well as common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when submitting a theme.

From my place in the audience, the presentation went well, with a good mix of theory, coding examples and questions from participants. The discussion was lively and brought up important questions like, “Why doesn’t the plugin repository have a similar review process?”

But what was really amazing was the social aspect! Although the presentation ended near 10pm, participants hung around and talked until well after midnight.

“It’s important for developers to have an opportunity to socialize, learn and help each other out. This last developer_meetup() was a perfect example; hosted by TP1 in their comfy, teched-up lounge. The beer, music and engaged conversation went well into the night,” says Wight.

First-time host TP1 offered us a great space and founding partner Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken says the group can come back anytime: “Our agency welcomes WordPress meetups, as well as other events in the open source or marketing communications community. If you think that your event and TP1 might be the perfect fit, send an email to info@www.tp1.ca. If we have similar interests, our lounge could be open to you.”

Good thing too, because everyone is really stoked for more meetup() goodness. Thanks Kirk!