Règne artificiel / A must-see exhibit during Nuit blanche

February 25, 2012

If you’re going to be out and about during Nuit Blanche 2012, I suggest you check out “Règne artificiel” at Espace Cercle Carré, an exhibition space belonging to the artist co-op of the same name. “Règne Artificiel” is a work comprising two installations, both created by artist and sculptor Rosalie Dumont-Gagné. These two site-specific installations have been built using responsive architecture. You’ll find yourself drawn into a seductive, organic experience by a network of inflatable objects that replicate the rhythms of the breath and the contraction of the lungs.

More precisely, these forms are “animated by the slow motions of expansion and contraction; actions which are triggered by and become more intense when there are more people in the room. These reactions, in turn, tend to generate an emotional response in visitors, who as they evaluate their own biological functioning in the face of technology, question where the line gets drawn between the living world and artificial life.” (source: www.oeildepoisson.com)

We are so very proud to have been a part of this exhibition. As a project partner, digital agency TP1 was responsible for branding the space. The result: a bold logo paired with a bizarre typography, but with both elements remaining distinct. The logo is based on a formal and literal representation of the words “circle” and “square”, with the straight lines and right angles arranged within the circle. “This symbol was chosen for its simplicity and strength, but it can still change, give way… evolve,” explains Bruno Cloutier, artistic director for the project. For the exhibition, TP1 designed a rich blue poster-brochure with a composition that evokes the actual sculpture. These posters and the visiting cards will be distributed to visitors as they come through the door (pray that there are some left by the time you get there!).

Other exhibitions are yet to come, but in the meantime, RSVP your presence on the Facebook page if you plan on visiting the exhibition during Nuit Blanche.


Creative direction: Patrick Williams
Artistic direction: Bruno Cloutier
Graphic design: Pascale Charbonneau et Élisa-Maude tremblay
Project management: François Breault
Printing: Filigrane