Ready for TEDxMontreal?

September 11, 2013

Have you heard about the TED talks?

At the agency, we’re all fans of these non-profit online talks that share the best ideas from around the world with the most people possible.

That’s why, when we found out that a Montreal edition was being organized, TEDxMontreal, TP1 immediately stepped forward as a partner!

The Montreal conference will be taking place this Saturday (September 14, 2013) under the dome at the SAT (Société des Arts Technologiques). Fifteen artists, doctors, engineers and entrepreneurs will be presenting their idea or project, all relating to the theme “innovation through human connections”, in 18 minutes or less.

How popular is this event? The 300 tickets for the 2013 conference are already sold out, as well as 400 tickets to watch a live broadcast of the event at UQAM's Coeur des sciences. Luckily, there are other free ways to follow the event in real time.

Here are our suggestions:

  • All talks will be broadcast live on the TEDxMontreal website. Please note that the event is bilingual, but there is no simultaneous translation.
  • Follow the Twitter hashtag #TEDxMontreal to get immediate highlights and audience reactions to the talks.
  • TEDxMontreal has an Instagram account at: @TEDxMontreal.
  • You can join the official after-party, also at the SAT, at 9PM. CultMTL is inviting TEDxMontreal participants and all Montrealers to create connections and talk face-to-face with some of our speakers during this event. DJs and background music provided by POP Montréal.

The whole TP1 team will be on hand too!

Not available the day of? In the days following the event, all talks will be published on YouTube. Like the TEDxMontreal Facebook page to get the updates firsthand!

The speakers

Who we’re most looking forward to hearing:

  • Finnur Magnusson (@Gommit), former CTO of the Constitutional Assembly of Iceland. How the first crowdsourced constitution was written online.
  • Alexis Vallé-Belisle, bioengineer. Medical screening tests able to detect certain cancers and virusus – including HIV – in less than 5 minutes.
  • Johanne Patry, pedagogue. Founder of Science on Stage Canada and exploring the question of teacher dropouts.
  • Nadim Kobeissi (@kaepora), Internet privacy activist and founder of Cryptocat, which enables everyone to enjoy private communications on the web.

And the others:

  • Ken Dewar, geneticist. Once a member of the Human Genome Project team at MIT and currently a major figure in the Génome Québec project. Helping us understand the role of microorganisms and their symbiotic relationship with the human body.
  • Ruha Devanesan, social justice activist. PeaceTones – the artist as social entrepreneur?
  • Jacques Forest, psychologist. Researcher in organizational psychology at UQAM’s ESG. Reconsidering the major paradigms of monetary incentives.
  • Diane Bisson, industrial designer. Using edible containers to explore a new culinary territory.
  • Luc-Alain Giraldeau, animal behaviourist. Researcher in animal and behavioural ecology. Taking a new look at game theory.
  • Caroline Boudoux, optical engineer. A fiberoptic endoscope that used a simple needle to observe a patient’s internal organs in 3D.
  • Jason Edward Lewis, digital media designer and associate professor of design and computation arts at Concordia University. Creating new virtual spaces for Indigenous people.
  • Angelique Manella, social change technologist, founder of Decode Global and a trained engineer. Introducing mobile applications for sustainable social change.
  • Tiberus Brastaviceanu, engineer. An innovative new collaboration methodology for scientific teams, built on fairness, transparency and redistribution of profits.
  • Harold O’Neal, pianist. How to convey the universal experience of music to an audience, without focusing on genre.
  • Justin Tan, medical rehabilitation technologist. A platform for medical rehabilitation adapted from the gaming industry.

Program of the day

Registration: 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM

Seance 1: 9:30 AM
Ken Dewar
Caroline Boudoux
Alexis Vallée-Bélisle
Justin Tan

Pause 1: 10:45 AM

Seance 2: 11:15 AM
Harold O’Neil
Tiberius Brastaviceanu
Jacques Forest
Finnur Magnusson

Lunch: 12:45 PM

Seance 3: 2 PM
Nadim Kobeissi
Ruha Devanesan
Jason Edward Lewis
Angelique Mannella

Pause 2: 3:30 PM

Seance 4: 4 PM
Luc-Alain Giraldeau
Diane Bisson
Johanne Patry

End of day: 5:30 PM

After-party: 9 PM