TP1 goes to UX Fest

September 29, 2014

From tomorrow, the city of Watertown, MA, in the Boston area, will be invaded by an array of user experience design specialists as part of UX Fest. In the form of an all-day conference, the workshops and discussions planned throughout the day aim at improving the dialog between specialists. Content strategy is also part of the event’s curriculum, a practice that is definitely connected to UX.

This year again, the programming will include some of the biggest names of the media and technology industries. Laura Granka, User Experience Manager at Google, will be talking about a topic close to our hearts: innovation and its implementation into a multidisciplinary context. On a different tone, the Canadian artist and designer James White, from Signalnoise, will be speaking on the importance of challenging established conventions.

Take a look at last year’s highlights:

The specialized american agency Fresh Tilled Soil, from which the event originated, will be playing hosts, taking care of participants all day and giving away meals, t-shirts and other goodies.

UX Fest is an incredible opportunity for UX professionals. Together, we will have the opportunity to discuss people, our users, and how we can create better experiences for them. Engaging in real discussions is what will make us go forward. Stay tuned for more details on my learnings.

To view the schedule, click here.

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