Weekend reading list – week of August 14, 2017

August 18, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of August 14th 2017.

The cult of the streetwear line
Purchasing the freshest Supremes, Yeezy Boosts or Jordans requires sacrifice—which usually means spending hours in line outside a trendy or pop-up store. That said, with websites like SSENSE, which allow streetwear amateurs to shop for designer accessories online, the practice has become outdated. So why do hip kids still love the line-ups?
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Women were programming long before men
Ah, women. Dainty, simple emotional creatures—what do they know about science and technology, amirite? It’s just not in their nature! Well, contrary to the beliefs of one ex-Google engineer, women are interested in the STEM field and were among the first to dive into software engineering. Writer and developer Faruk Ateş explores their legacy.
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The myth of celebrity relatability
Jennifer Lawrence is just like you and me. Despite the Oscar… And being named the top-earning actress of 2016… And the wardrobe… The media continues to portray her as an “everyday woman”, who loves to swear, falls down a lot and eats the same junk food we do. Why so much effort to de-glamourize the brand identity of some celebrities?
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Client experience vs. user experience
The evolution of design is asking designers to focus on developing interactions and the user experience (UX) when optimizing platforms, websites, etc. Giuseppe Attoma, founder of an agency by the same name, thinks that we should focus on the client path instead. Why? Because a “user” isn’t necessary going to be a “client”. How to find a middle ground then?
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We’re not saving lives, but…
If the tech industry is known for critical thinking and solving complex problems, why can’t their methodology be applied to helping the 65 million refugees struggling all over the world? Some startups, including Techfugees, have started doing just that.
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Boomers: The last Harley-Davidson generation?
Generations come and go, with tastes and clothing styles evolving from one to the next. These changes include the fading away of everyday objects that slowly disappear from memory… only to be revived when there’s a surge in nostalgia. Our VP of strategy, Stéphane Mailhiot, looks at this trend and how ageing brands can convert the growing purchasing power of Millennials into a desire to purchase the must-haves of yesteryear.
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In your earbuds: Kind World
When the world seems bleak, there’s always the radio-podcast series Kind World to come to our rescue! Produced by Erika Lantz, each episode recounts the story of a person whose life was positively transformed by the actions of another human being. Some good news to lift your spirits!s
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This week’s favourite thing
Beauty is everywhere. Even in the simplest of objects and things. Graphic designer Peter Dovak has fallen in love with the hidden beauty of the buses and trains that we travel on every day. So much so, that he’s created an online catalogue of illustrations featuring the public transit systems of various U.S cities.

Image from VICE