Weekend reading list – week of August 15, 2016

August 19, 2016

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of August 15th 2016.

Cats conquer the web
Since the rise of online culture, cats have been the pet of choice for Internet users. From LOLcat to nyan cat, from cute kitten memes to Grumpy Cat, felines have become so widespread online that they now influence content creation for certain brands. Why do we love our kitties so?
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Never use a period in a text message.
“See you tomorrow.” Do you hate getting a text message punctuated with a period? You’re not the only one. Is the sender angry? Sarcastic? Disappointed? Linguists have now explained why this harmless punctuation mark can make you sound angry or insincere. Just how much does a period impact a message’s meaning?
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When beauty blogs call the shots
Don’t look to magazines for your latest beauty guru—all the hot new influencers are using Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to shill the latest beauty products to fans. What is the changing role of fashion magazines in the digital age?
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Online-only $1 store
If you’re a frequent Dollarama shopper, then get your credit card ready! An online shop called Hollar is trying to recreate the unique experience of shopping in a Dollar Plus… and it seems to be working! The ecommerce site already attracts more than a million visitors every month and is raking in the big bucks, thanks to the loyal patronage of (you guessed it) Millennials.
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God bless open source
Open source software enables users, engineers and programmers from every level and every sector to contribute to its improvement. In the United States, the White House has issued its first policy addressing federal source code: government agencies must now share 20% of any new commissioned code with the public.
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Sunshine. Food. Music.
Join us for the 10th edition of Lunch Beat Montréal! This year, groove to AndFriends’ beats. Each event ticket comes with a one-trip Bixi pass. See you August 26th!
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In your earbuds: Material World
Lindsey Rupp and Jenny Kaplan, journalists at Bloomberg Business Review, are the hosts of Material World, a podcast to help listeners better navigate consumer behaviours and trends. This week: why skinny jeans are here to stay.

This week’s favourite thing
Are you guilty of constantly loitering in the offices of your artistic colleagues? If yes, then you may have been caught in the hovering act on Tumblr. Artistic directors beware—we’re on to you!