Weekend reading list – week of August 22, 2016

August 26, 2016

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of August 22th 2016.

Youtubers, minus the YouTube
How can you become “YouTube Famous” without YouTube? In Cuba, videomakers share their YouTube-style clips via the paquete semanal—a terabyte of digital content that’s transferred by USB key or CD and then secretly sold to Cubans who are thirsty for information and distraction. Without the Internet to promote their product and to measure how it’s being received, how are these YouTubers building an audience?
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The indestructible GIF
Older than the web, the GIF is slow, of poor quality and easily outperformed by every other file format created since… And yet, Facebook and Twitter recently integrated GIF keyboards into their platforms. After years of extraordinary technological innovation, the humble GIF continues to rule them all. Why do we love our GIFs so much?
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Cindy Gallop: Queen of Comms
Former ad exec Cindy Gallop doesn’t care what you think. After all, she’s been setting the web and social media worlds afire with her gritty and honest attempts to create a new digital era. For more than 25 years, Gallop has dedicated her career to making the ad industry more diverse and defying the status quo.
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Bandwidth bottleneck
Thanks to innovations, thousands of users can now enjoy simultaneous access to content on the Internet. However, having so many web users on the information superhighway at the same time is creating bottlenecks, which impact the speed and reliability of your connection. How can we fix this traffic problem?
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Applying UX principles to pharma
Companies invest several years and many thousands of dollars in the development of a new treatment, so why is so little effort dedicated to the product’s user experience? Joyce Lee, physician, designer, and researcher, shares her observations.
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3% MiniCon
Join us next Tuesday for the 3% MiniCon in Toronto, a conference that explores the links between creativity, diversity and advertising. Stéphanie A-Lebon will be covering this event live on Instragram, Facebook and Twitter!

In your earbuds: Design is Magical
According to David Kelley, co-founder of the IDEO agency and speaker at the New York City CreativeMornings, designers now have the credibility and freedom to make big things happen in the world. Are you a part of this mini-revolution in the innovation world?

This week’s favourite thing
Running the numbers making you crazy? Time for a break! Artists Marina Esmeraldo and Mallory Heyer collaborated with Google to make art using Google Sheets. How? By using the drab empty cells to create a mural!