Weekend reading list – week of August 24

August 28, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of August 24.

Nike: The true story behind the $35 logo
Designing a logo is a major branding exercise that often requires a lot of time and money. Unless, of course, your name is Nike and you hire designer Carolyn Davidson, in which case the whole thing could cost as little as $35. Read the astonishing story behind one of the world’s most iconic logos!
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Once upon a time, there was Epicurious
Today, the Internet is THE source for finding new recipes. But when culinary review Epicurious first launched its first website in 1995, it was a very different world. These interviews with the Epicurious team tell the inside story of the birth of the world’s first recipe website.
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Cash, credit or debit?
Photo chequing, transferring money by text, paying a bill using your smart phone: the payment industry has never seen so many changes and upheavals as it has in recent years. Global consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group reviews the strategic and technological transformations that are revolutionizing the financial world.
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Where are all the women?
In the U.S., only 29% of employees at the most influential technology companies are women. And if you look at technical positions alone, the numbers are even lower. At Twitter, for instance, only 10% of technical workers are women. So what’s the best way to increase their numbers in the field?
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Designed by Chinese giant Tencent Holdings, WeChat is a mobile messaging app that is hugely popular in Asia and can also be used to make audio and video calls. According to Connie Chan, a partner with Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz, it’s a model that could provide Western social networks with a window into their own future evolution.
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In your earphones :
The New Web development agency Lullabot talks about its reengineered website. The agency paid special attention to the concept of decoupled CMS, which combines the JavaScript framework ReactJS with a Drupal backend. It all makes for a discussion that should captivate any Drupal developer!
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Reading recommendation of the week :
Smashing Book 5 — Real-Life Responsive Web Design — Part 1. This volume is a compendium of effective techniques, expert experiences and case studies on responsive design. It’s the go-to source for anyone who wants to understand how to design and build better websites.


Read and recommended by Thiago Diezel, TP1 developer.

Happy reading!

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