Weekend reading list – week of August 25

August 29, 2014

Every week, TP1 shares our top 5 reads pulled from local and international sources. Here’s your can’t-miss content for this weekend.

Everyone’s a Scorsese now
This week, Instagram launched its new video app, Hyperlapse, which turns a long, unstable video into a more fluid tracking shot with a steadicam feel.
→ Read it on wired.com

Diving into the world of virtual reality
With the arrival of Oculus Rift and Sony’s Morpheus, the topic of virtual reality is on everyone’s lips. Here’s a comprehensive article on the subject.
→ Read it on theverge.com

Saved by… nail polish?
Four students in the Engineering Faculty of North Carolina State University unveiled an interesting invention: nail polish that detects if your drink contains a date-rape drug.
→ Read it on designtaxi.com

Some dark patterns now illegal in the UK
A dark pattern is a type of user interface that tricks web users into doing things. In the UK, It is now illegal to pre-fill items in a user’s cart, such as the airline company RyanAir did in forcing users to purchase insurance by hiding the opt-out between two countries.
→ Read it on 90percentofeverything.com

Wikipedia gets a makeover!
Fans of Wikipedia have launched WikiWand, a new, more modern interface that significantly improves the reading experience, as well as the navigation, which was 13 years old!
→ Read it on wikiwand.com

Happy reading!

– The TP1 team