Weekend reading list – week of August 29, 2016

September 2, 2016

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of August 29th 2016.

Making Hillary Clinton a strong brand 🇺🇸
How to build a brand strong enough to convince more than 100 million Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton? Let Jennifer Kinon, Co-President of the Original Champions of Design agency and designer, explain the campaign’s strategic and creative approach.
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Like, flirt and ghost like a teen
Journalist Mary H.K. Choi interviewed five teenagers to better understand adolescent etiquette on social media. Read on… but be prepared to feel old and really outdated.
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Small-scale publications to reinforce your brand
Of late, artists and brands have been strategically using exclusive, small-scale publications to build consumer engagement. In an era marked by blogs, social media and other constantly accessible content, what’s the benefit of going old school?
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Transgender, developer, Digital Minister
After having quit school at 12 years of age and launched her first start-up at age 15, Audrey Tang, a self-taught developer, has just become Taiwan’s new Digital Minister. A transgender woman and self-titled “conservative anarchist”, Tang is hardly your typical politician. Journalist Claire Richard has written a portrait of this unusual, but engaged woman. #BecauseIts2016
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Emojis on the menu
Trying to decipher the complex descriptions of dishes on restaurant menus isn’t always easy. Little Yellow Door, a pop-up restaurant in London, has solved this problem by offering a menu composed entirely of emojis. And you order on WhatsApp! So are you in the mood for 🍤 🍝 or a 🐤 🍔?
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On the Grid
You never know where to eat and go out downtown? Havas Montreal was eager to share our favourite spots in the Ville-Marie borough on On the Grid, the tourist guide compiled for and by creatives. Always proud to proclaim our love of Montreal and to support entrepreneurs in our community, our employees submitted their best-loved local businesses and cultural hotspots. The accompanying photos, with few exceptions, were also taken by our team.
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In your earbuds: Section D
Do you love design? Then welcome to your new favourite discovery! Section D, a weekly podcast produced by Monocle, presents everything you need to know about the world of design, from fashion to craft to architecture. Fresh stories, fresh finds and fresh news ahead.
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Our favourite thing
Start the last long weekend of summer off right with this fun quiz: Are these agency names real or fake? Don’t get too cocky—it’s harder than you think!