Weekend reading list – week of August 7, 2017

August 11, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of August 7th 2017.

We’re all wearing rosé-coloured glasses
All rosé everything. Rosé for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The unofficial drink of the summer, pink wine is undeniably in vogue. Although it’s been a drink of choice for Romans and monks (it’s that old), rosé has now reached an unprecedented level of cliché and marketing gambits. From rosé facials, to rosé cruises and social media star rosé, how did we get here?
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The successful startup aesthetic
Yeah, you know the one: smooth sans-serif logo, clean lines, cool design. Lifestyle startups are notorious for building a sober, dressed-down branding that’s meant to represent the new no-bullshit business model upheld by a number of new companies. Think Frank + Oak, Glossier, Thinx and Reformation. What is it about this trend that gets consumers hooked?
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Dollarama is retail royalty
A nearly $3 billion empire, Dollarama has become a jewel in the Canadian retail crown. How? By pushing the boundaries of mimicry. While some manufacturers copy expensive designer chairs, this Montreal-born business shamelessly “inspires” itself from name-brand $3 (or so) items. How has Dollarama made cheap replicas so profitable?
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Naming the future of tech
Big data. Blockchain. Uberization.These words didn’t exist 20 years ago, but with new tech comes new terminology. If the words we use reflect and influence our collective conception of reality, then what do these terms say about us? What impact do they have on how the digital revolution unfolds? Journalist Adrien Rivierre digs into the ethics of it all.
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The lost art of table setting
For some people, setting the table isn’t simply a chore your parents forced you to do as a kid一it’s an art. Dubbed tablescaping, this craft requires enthusiasts to create elaborate and themed table displays. Many artists also participate in competitions (yes) to showcase their creativity and attention to detail.
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In your earbuds: S-Town
Listening to the S-Town podcast is like reading a book, but without the effort. Hosted by producer Brian Reed, of Serial and This American Life fame, this seven-part series tells the tale of a man and his quest to uncover his town’s secrets.
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This week’s favourite thing
Ever wonder what a monarch does in her free time? For Queen Elizabeth, a day is incomplete if she hasn’t consumed her four signature cocktails. Maybe we should all take a page out of her book…!

Image from Punchdrink