Weekend reading list – week of December 15

December 19, 2014

Every week, TP1 shares our top 5 reads pulled from local and international sources. Here’s your can’t-miss content for the week of December 15.

Top of the web: 1996-2014
In this excellent round-up, journalist Philip Bump lists the 20 most popular websites for the last 16 years, according to data compiled by comScore. Interestingly, Google wasn’t always the giant that it is today, some big names have obviously disappeared and Amazon is one of the only sites to have maintained its popularity through the years.
→ Read it on The Washington Post

Cute kids were all over the web this year. Mashable has made a list of the 15 most painfully adorable children on the Internet in 2014. Our favourite? Number one, apparently.
→ Read it on Mashable

Browsing to distraction
Marketing professionals are finally coming to terms with the new attention economy. Tinder eats up to 15 minutes of every day, while Google’s estimates are closer to 4.4 hours of use a day. Discover how companies are competing to grab a share of your daily distraction.
→ Read it on The Guardian

Protected by your jeans
Love jeans? Love technology? This next one’s for you! A jean prototype is currently being developed that will protect you from digital pickpocketing (hitting the market in February 2015). This design will stops thieves from hacking into your radio frequency identification (RFID) cards.
→ Read it on the BBC website

The DNA of meditation
The benefits of meditation are well known. But it seems as if the practice has a positive impact that goes beyond the physical and the mental – it also changes your DNA!
→ Read it on Fast Company

Your weekly top 5 is also taking a holiday break. See you in January!
– The TP1 team