Weekend reading list – week of December 25, 2017

December 22, 2017

Every week, throughout the year, we share the Top 5 articles from all around the world that most piqued our curiosity. So to mark our last list of of the year, here are the ten most popular articles from 2017 that were a hit with our readers. See you the week of January 8! 🎉

Millennials living la vie en rose
You’ve seen it in Hotline Bling. There’s iPhone rose gold and the visuals for trendy new brands THINX and Glossier. Whatever the others want to call it, Millennial Pink, which includes a range of shades from beige with a touch of blush to a peach-salmon hybrid, has been outlasting all expectations since it first appeared in 2012. Why is this colour still trending? And why do Millennials love it so much?
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Scandinavians work hard and play hard
Scandinavia seems to have it all figured out. Celebrated as trendsetters of minimalistic design and prominently placed on the World Happiness Report, countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland also have a better work culture, according to Philip Hanson, Vice President of Marketing at Queue-it (and Bernie Sanders, among others). Beyond enjoying employment benefits far superior to their North American peers, what else makes the professional culture enjoyed by our Nordic friends so enviable?
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The Kardashian effect
Whether you like or hate the Kardashians (or simply don’t care), it’s impossible to deny the magnitude of their celebrity. The family has built an empire over the last ten years by creating a unique (and never-before-seen) branded experience. How did this photogenic family redefine what it means to be a star?
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Boomers are more millennial than actual Millennials
The supposed “vanguards” of the new economic age, Millennials are being hailed for completely changing the economy. Preferring flexible work hours over 9-to-5, gigs over careers, and happiness over money, this new direction is generating significant changes in how we all earn money. But the biggest surprise? Baby boomers and Millennials have the same needs.
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My week with a Nokia 3310
Can’t imagine life without your smartphone? For seven days, Anne-Sophie Faivre Le Cadre, a journalist for L’express, Rue89, Libération and Causeur, replaced her beloved personal assistant, an iPhone 6, for a Nokia 3310 from 2000. What does life look like without Siri and all of the world’s knowledge in your pocket?
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Blade Runner and the Power of Sci-Fi World-Building
Blade Runner 2049 and its 1982 predecessor are touted as being among the most visually inventive science fiction films ever made. The fictional future worlds depicted are detailed and comprehensive, but more interestingly, the world-building techniques underlying these possible futures may help us predict and design a future we actually want to live in.
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The NBA’s never been hotter than it is in 2017. So what’s got the game suddenly sinking 3-pointers again? According to journalist David Dennis Jr., the players’ slam-dunk mastery of social media has fuelled the phenomenon, teamed with the league’s stance on African-American culture. Should the NFL embrace black culture in the same way, or stick to the sidelines?
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The successful startup aesthetic
Yeah, you know the one: smooth sans-serif logo, clean lines, cool design. Lifestyle startups are notorious for building a sober, dressed-down branding that’s meant to represent the new no-bullshit business model upheld by a number of new companies. Think Frank + Oak, Glossier and Reformation. What is it about this trend that gets consumers hooked?
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The agency of the future
What will the ad agencies of tomorrow look like? Are we on the verge of seeing conglomerates composed of companies that straddle tech start-ups and consulting firms? Or collectives of freelance creatives? Jonathan David Lewis, Partner and Strategy Director at McKee Wallwork + Co, explores upcoming trends and concerns in adland.
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And God Created the (French) Woman
She is Brigitte Bardot, Françoise Hardy and the embodiment of Chanel. The epitome of effortless elegance with an alluring je-ne-sais-quoi, the French Woman trope is one of the most effective marketing ploys in modern fashion and beauty industries. Who is this femme fatale, really? And why are we so obsessed with her?
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Image from Tessa Rampersad