A Very Murray Christmas

Weekend reading list – week of December 7, 2015

December 11, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of December 7th.

Everyone loves Bill Murray
Over the last few years, Mitch Glazer, screenwriter and producer of the Netflix Christmas Special, “A Very Murray Christmas”, has viewed the peculiar rise of Bill Murray with bewilderment. Journalist Steven Kurutz attempts to explain how Murray went from simple actor to pop culture icon.
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Hello. It’s me.
Having long and complex conversations via text message is common in our era. But what would happen if you called your friend instead of texting? Beca Grimm tried the experiment.
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Self promotion
Thanks to social networks, personalities, such as celebrities, company presidents and politicians no longer need the media to get their message across to the public. Journalist John Herrman looks at the impact of this trend on the media landscape.
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The weight of digital hoarding
How many bad photos do you have on your iCloud? What about useless files on your Dropbox? How many random emails have you archived instead of deleting? As our lives become increasingly more digital, journalist Devon Maloney wants to know: are we incapable of ridding our lives of “invisible stuff”?
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The myth of “easy” cooking
Crockpot sales are through the roof, the number of “quick” cookbooks and TV programs are forever rising and a web search for “easy” and “fast” recipes generates a dizzying number of results. There’s an entire industry built on the premise that it’s not hard to make simple and delicious meals. Is this true or simply a marketing ploy?
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🎄🎁 Gift ideas 🎁🎅
Throughout the month of December, the TP1 team will be sharing our original gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Visit the Baltic Club to buy paper goods for holiday happiness. For budding geeks and geekettes, get the Kano build-your-own-computer kit. Ruse Boutique always has unique vintage treasures. Foodies will like a subscription to Dinette or Caribou magazine. What about a whimsical crewneck from Pony or Anabel Roy? And for your favourite gamer, the Cadillac of Xbox controllers.