Weekend reading list – week of February 1, 2016

February 5, 2016

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of February 1.

Butt lifts on Snapchat
Cosmetic surgeon Michael Salzhauer, a.k.a Dr Miami , is using Snapchat to promote his services and personal brand. Every day, this social media celebrity delivers content that is part medical documentary, part comedy. Journalist Tierney Finster explores how Dr. Miami is reinventing the scope of reality entertainment and advertorials… one implant at a time!
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Why food and infographics don’t mix
Everybody loves an infographic. These graphic illustrations of data are legion across all social media platforms. Jacob Harris, a software engineer and former data journalist, has written an article for Eater about the challenges of visualizing food data. He’ll show you why it’s hard to make data more digestible, no matter how delicious the subject.
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Are you traceable?
We use our computers for a large number of tasks without ever understanding how it all works. Do Not Track, an interactive web series produced by Canada’s NFB, raises some fascinating questions by raising our awareness about what happens when we surf the web. During each episode, users are asked to volunteer data, including easily accessible information such as browser history and stored cookies. Do Not Track then uses that data to track where you are and what you do online.
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Stock images, behind the scenes
While surfing the web, Jonathan Kay Editor in Chief at The Walrus, clicked on another article featuring another pitch-perfect stock photo. When Kay griped on Twitter, Danny Groner, an outreach manager at Shutterstock, encouraged him to write an article. Kay, in turn, suggested that he and his wife become stock models for a day. A behind-the-scenes look at how stock photography gets made.
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Draw me something
Drawing a live model is a wonderful way to explore your artistic talent, develop your observational skills and nurture your creativity. But why stop at humans? Jennie Webber, a UK-based visual artist, offers art classes with live animals. Bats, iguanas, owls and donkeys, oh my! Noah would be proud.
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This week’s favourite thing
Sha Hwang is a GIF designer extraordinare! In his project, Digital Materiality, Hwang has found a unique way to tell the exceptional history of animated GIFs.

In your earbuds: 15 big travel trends in 2016
Skift is a large intelligence firm that tracks current and emerging trends in the travel industry. Editor in Chief Jason Clampet, Alexandra E. Petri, a travel writer, and Rafat Ali, the founder of Skift, have compiled a list of the 15 trends that will rock the travel industry this year.