Weekend reading list – week of February 13, 2017

February 17, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of February 13th 2016.

Fashion brands need to think tech
Karen Harvey, Founder and CEO of an eponymous consulting company and a talent spotter for the biggest labels, has been commenting on the fashion industry for nearly two decades. Her latest observation is that brands like Tiffany & Co., Nike, Burberry and Coach, as well as smaller retailers, should think more like tech companies in order to improve the brand-consumer relationship.
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Instagram vs. Snapchat: Teens weigh in
Many have noted that since Instagram added the Stories function last summer, Snapchat has been scrambling to keep users engaged. But the situation may not be as dire for the disappearing message app as you think. In fact, since its biggest competitor launched Stories, Snapchat’s most devoted fanbase—teens—have only become more loyal. How did that happen?
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How AI will help humanity
One worry that comes up time and again in the debates surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), is how it will negatively impact our social relationships. Ed White, Editor of IDEO Stories, sees it from another angle entirely: in the near future, AI will help us to become more social, to live longer and to build closely knit communities.
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Looking for new ways to tell old stories
Regardless of what you personally think of Ryan Gosling’s performance in La La Land, it’s still true that we can learn a lot from this movie. The story is hardly a new one and the characters aren’t groundbreaking–what makes the experience so satisfying is the modern twist on a familiar, reassuring storyline. How can we benefit from good stories, well told?
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When will we use subcutaneous RFID chips?
We saw them in films and TV series long before they existed. A symbol of our future, the radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip is finally ready for implanting, although not yet widely used. As the ethics of its use continues to be hotly debated, the question remains, why are we talking about this topic, when it’s already outdated?
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3 keys to unlocking our intelligent future
If all companies have been media companies since 2007, then every company will be an AI company from 2017 onwards. But how will it happen? Sami Viitamäki, Executive Digital Director at Havas New York, believes that this technological shift depends on 3 entwined keys.
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In your earbuds: Mon Carnet
In this episode of Mon Carnet, Bruno Guglielminetti, consultant, speaker and analyst, and Jean-François Poulin, a UX interaction design expert, sit down with our UX designer Claudel Rheault to talk augmented reality versus virtual reality.

This week’s favourite thing
😘 ,😎, 🙌 or ❤️. Emoji have undeniably become a part of our everyday communications. But why are we so obsessed with these tiny symbols? Writer and speaker Tom Vanderbilt answers the question.

Image from Catherine Wales