Weekend reading list – week of February 5, 2018

February 9, 2018

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of February 8th 2018.

Meditation and Call of Duty
What role can Buddhist teachings play in our technological world? Journalist Robert Rath met with Buddhist monks to discuss the impact of interconnectedness and technology on meditation.
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Why do we love Costco?
Why does going to Costco bring us so much joy? Why does buying balsamic vinegar by the gallon make us go gaga? Turns out, Costco doesn’t give us what we need. Rather, it feeds our deepest desires.
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Living without a smartphone
In the U.S., 77% of adults own smartphones. But Kathleen Davis, Editor in Chief of Company, is still using her flip phone. Just a few years ago, this information wouldn’t have been so shocking. But in 2018… it sounds absolutely crazy. Or does it?
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The web rebels
Scattered all over the world, a handful of visionaries are plotting an alternative ​online ​future​.​ ​Is it really possible to remake the Internet in a way that’s egalitarian, decentralised and free of snooping​?​
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Public libraries are reinventing themselves
Coding workshops, 3D printers and books, of course—today’s public libraries are far from going extinct. The difference, however, is that they now offer access to technology, and not just access to knowledge.
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In your earbuds: Endless Thread
Hosted by Ben Brock Johnson, Endless Thread is a new podcast from WBUR and Reddit. Each episode explores the infinite threads of Reddit to bring you the most fascinating stories on the web.
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Havas Montréal creates visual identity for Réseau express métropolitain
This is the REM, a new line that transports Greater Montréal. With a new identity, anchored by the letter R, the REM is a reality and already moving forward. Replacing “electric” with “express,” the Réseau électrique métropolitain is now the Réseau express métropolitain, with a distinct visual identity developed by Havas Montréal.
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