Weekend reading list – week of January 18, 2016

January 22, 2016

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of January 18th.

Netflix and (not so) chill
Oh, Netflix! Your buddy on rainy days, offering a steady supply of binge-worthy TV shows and endless other movies and documentaries… But this vast selection of content comes at a price. The data hosting centres for this on-demand entertainment giant use up an enormous amount of energy. What is the environmental impact of your online viewing habits?
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Mr. (Swipe) Right
After a year of scandal at Tinder, Sean Rad , ousted founder of the dating app, is now making a comeback. Journalist Nellie Bowles has written a fascinating portrait of this controversial 29-year-old entrepreneur.
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You can be a hero!
Based on the theory of uchronia—that is, a fictional time period that offers an alternate history to the one we know—this French series revisits 10 remarkable moments in history using archival images. For each event, there’s a mini game (of which you are the hero) enabling you to change the course of history. The story changes depending on your dexterity, simply repeating the historical reality that we already know or creating a new, fictional version.
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Less is more
After years of gradual slow downs, the Financial Times website needed a strict diet. Goal: reduce the average loading time of a web page from 14 seconds to one second. How? By profoundly turning their “culture of addition” into a “culture of subtraction.”
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Blue Monday
Why is the third Monday of January considered to be the most depressing day of the year? And where did we get “Blue Monday” anyway? Sources from the 18th century tell us that “Blue Monday” was used by the working class as an excuse to get drunk and not work.
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This week’s favourite thing
UXTimeline wants to take you back in time to (re)discover the original interfaces used by Spotify, Airbnb and Dropbox. Sensitive people, approach with caution!

In your earbuds: Midi libre spécial – Infopresse
For this special episode of Midi libre, Infopresse has offered a list of 10 trends that will rock the communications and marketing world this year. (French only)