Weekend reading list – week of January 29, 2018

February 2, 2018

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of January 29th 2018.

The secret lives of Disney princesses
The life of a Disney princess looks easy enough: dress up in ball gowns, get home before midnight, meet Prince Charming… But for real-life Cinderellas—the women who work as characters in Disney-theme parks—life involves more than losing enchanted shoes.
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Paying your way out of death
What’s the next hot thing coming out of Silicon Valley? Immortality! Some millionaires, already enjoying limitless privilege, have decided that they also deserve not to die.
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When we think about Japanese design, our imaginations conjure elegant visuals that express elegance, serenity, minimalism… all things zen. And yet, most Japanese websites look like they’re from the 90s.
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Ready, set… drone!
Drones may have just landed in our lives, but they are already being used for competitive purposes. Journalist Ian Frazier jumps into the trippy, high-speed world of drone racing.
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Teen makes mobile app for Alzheimer’s patients
After watching her grandmother struggle to remember the names of family members, Emma Yang, a young coder, built a mobile app that uses AI and facial recognition to help those coping with this illness.
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Is home automation the remedy?
Electronics manufacturers see the connected home as key to a better living environment. The radio programme La sphère asked Julien Bigeault, Technology Director at Havas Montréal, to explain how he has automated almost everything in his own home.
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In your earbuds: On refait le Mac
Is Apple going to buy Netflix? The tech giant certainly has the means to do so. Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group, discusses the matter with Olivier Frigara as part of the On refait le Mac.
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This week’s favourite thing
Is your next vacation destination #LGBTfriendly? Destination Pride is a new data visualization tool that ranks cities around the world by how they treat their LBGTQ citizens.

Image from Parks and Resorts