Weekend reading list – week of July 18, 2016

July 22, 2016

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of July 18th 2016.

Playlist professionals
It’s only in recent years that music fans have had the tools to create the ultimate playlist. Now that we’re in the Spotify era, with an abundance of available resources and access to unlimited music, the whole task can seem overwhelming. This is how the coolest job in the world—professional playlist maker—was invented.
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Sweden: international lifestyle brand
According to the 2016 Good Country Index, Sweden tops the list of best countries to live in. Historian Andreas Mørkved Hellenes explores the modern history of Sweden’s digital diplomacy to better understand how the country manages their brand image internationally.
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Fancy Food Show: Snack-o-mania
Each year, hundreds of new products hit our store shelves. At the San Francisco Fancy Food Show, specialty purveyors vie to have their products noticed by major food buyers and, ultimately, stocked in grocery stores across the country. Journalist Malcolm Harris dives into the mayhem to give us a behind-the-scenes at the next great food things.
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Childless women ignored by marketers
Nearly 50% of American women between 15-44 years of age don’t have children. And yet, an estimated 60% of women represented in ads for this target group are moms. Why are advertisers ignoring child-free women?
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✨Instagramming your spiritual journey✨
Every year, some 500 women descend upon the Spirit Weavers Gathering, a four-day event considered to be the Burning Man of the #namaste set. Wearing Pinterest-worthy, vintage caftans that probably retail for $400, the participants celebrate each other, while also documenting their quest for self awareness and recruiting other “sisters” on social media. Boho-marketing…getting big results!
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In your earbuds: The Brand Experience
In this first episode of a new podcast, The Brand Experience, Fréd Ranger, Brand Director and VP Marketing and Communications at Yellow Pages, interviews Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken and Stéphane Mailhiot from Havas Montréal about how to create a strong brand.
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This week’s favourite thing
If you’re visiting New York this summer, don’t miss the Museum of Ice Cream! Created by a group of designers and artists, this pop-up museum celebrating ice cream offers visitors the opportunity to try unheard of flavours, dive into a pool filled with rainbow “sprinkles” and swing on an ice cream sandwich. P.S. They have the best Instagram!