Weekend reading list – week of July 20

July 24, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of July 20.

A short history of burgers
A true American icon and the king of fast food, the hamburger is recognized around the world. This grilled classic is always popular at BBQs, in restaurants and even in chic bistros, but how well do you really know about this tasty sandwich?
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Life in PMS 226
In a July issue devoted to colours, scientific magazine Nautilus published an interview with Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. She explains how the colour of the year is chosen, why some colours trend more for fashion and design and how colours are named.
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Selected by humans
Taste can be such a whimsical thing and yet numerous algorithms regularly dictate what we should like. According to Jean-Louis Gassée, an ex-Apple exec, the limitations of algorithmic curation has prompted the return of humans to select, edit and explain content and productions.
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Measuring the right KPIs
It is now possible to collect an unprecedented amount of performance data on the Internet. But do we really need all that? An article about selecting the right data to truly help you measure your business objectives.
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Free summer classes
Take advantage of rainy summer days to learn something new! Whether it’s learning a new programming language, a foreign tongue, how to play the piano or more about general culture, these 37 websites offer the tools to help you develop new skills.
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In your earphones :
Ruby Rogues Code Review Culture with Derek Prior. Code review is a best practice in the programming world, but it can be difficult to implement that step into your company’s culture. The Ruby Rogues panel and invited guest Derek Prior dive right into the topic.
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Book recommendation of the week :
Design, When Everybody Designs: An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation. Ezio Manzini is an Italian design strategist and founder of the Design for Social Innovation Towards Sustainability (DESIS) network at Milan Polytechnic. In this book, Design, When Everybody Designs: An Introduction to Design for Social Innovation, Manzini makes a distinction between  diffuse design (performed by everybody) and expert design (performed by those who have been trained as designers). According to Manzini, collaboration between these two types of design is necessary for creating and sustaining significant social change.


Read and recommended by Mélanie Binette, Administrative associate, TP1.

Happy reading!

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