Weekend reading list – week of July 31, 2017

August 4, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of July 31st 2017.

Who are we without our clothes?
What better way to grasp the relationship between our clothes and our bodies than spending one week at a naturist camp with a bunch of strangers? What makes us so afraid of nudity? And the nudity of others, at that? Jamie Lauren Keiles, freelance journalist, explores possible answers as she recounts her experience among nudist campers.
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Millennials hate Millennials hate Millennials
Who hates Millennials more than mainstream media? Millennials! Since everyone has agreed that Gen Y is the worst and kills everything good in this world, it’s only normal that members of this age group have learned to despise the term “Millennial”. Is it finally time to let go of the name?
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How to be #InternetFamous
There are a number of camps you can send your kids to during the summer. Space camp. Nature camp. Art camp. And now… social media camp. Yes, you read that right. The relatively new SocialStar Creator Camp will teach your child how to build a successful social media brand. Move over Kylie Jenner, some ten year olds are coming for ya!
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Accent whisperers of Hollywood
A good chunk of a movie or TV show’s “magic” relies on the perceived authenticity of its story world. For this reason, in the past 30 years or so, greater care and attention have been placed on character accents. Crucial to the process are dialect coaches, who work with actors for several months to perfect subtle and not-so-subtle variations.
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Trend alert: Witchcraft is back!
The Salem witches are back for revenge! Okay, maybe not revenge… But witchcraft sure is trending. Beyond spells and belief in the occult, witchcraft in 2017 represents an aesthetic. It’s Lana Del Rey, crystals, candles and animal bones. It’s Instagram influencers and Etsy entrepreneurs. How did this ancient spiritual practice become its own brand?
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In your earbuds: L’air du son
L’air du son is a bi-weekly podcast all about sound, including everything from podcasts to radio to talk shows. Hosted by Parisian reporter Andréane Meslard, this show dives into new trends, up-and-coming audio stars and the art of podcasting.

This week’s favourite thing
Quick一you’re getting married this year, which means you can finally be in charge of the music at your own party. Which song(s) are you banning? How do your picks stack up against The Ultimate Playlist of Banned Wedding Songs?

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