Weekend reading list – week of July 6

July 10, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of July 6.

Pixar: when emotions and technology work together
Every since Toy Story came out in 1995, Pixar has been known for producing animation films that are as beautiful as they are entertaining. The company invests its energy as much in storytelling as on technical innovation. In this analysis of all the Pixar productions, you’ll discover how authors and 3-D animators work together to deliver the finest quality films.
Read about it in The Dissolve

Don’t tell your kids they’re smart
Parents, stop telling your kids they’re smart! According to education specialists, as soon as children become conscious of being smart, they can develop anxiety about the label and start to live in fear of making mistakes. This fear apparently hinders their development.
Read about it in The Atlantic

Dear Firstname Lastname, here’s a special offer just for you
Do we really pay more attention to offers that address us by our first name? A survey reveals that this type of communication isn’t as effective as it used to be. It isn’t enough to personalize an offer; now, you have to individualize it.
Read about it in Adweek

The risks of open communities
Any community website where opinions from all quarters are welcome risks getting out of control. While Reddit had so far managed to keep things under control, after one of its employees was fired, members of the Reddit community and its volunteer moderators decided to take action on her behalf by closing part of the site. To prevent this type of situation, Gina Bianchini, CEO of Mightbell, shares her thoughts and advice on how to build a vibrant and positive community.
Read about it in Recode

Lewis, the unknown singer
In 2007, a vinyl collector bought an album by an unknown artist called Lewis entitled L’Amour for one dollar at a flea market in Alberta. Convinced he’d nabbed a legendary album, he brought the album to the attention of the record label Light in the Attic. The quality of the songs and the mystery surrounding the artist eventually led the label to reissue the album. The album immediately garnered rave reviews from both critics and collectors alike. Journalist Max Rivlin-Nadler retraces this amazing story and conducts the very first interview with Lewis.
Read about it in Maxim

Local music and advertising
Are advertising and music by up-and-coming local artists compatible? According to Guillaume Déziel, they are, now more than ever.
Read about it in Infopresse

In your earphones :
Under the Influence with Terry O’ReillyTerry O’Reilly is a Canadian copywriter, author and radio host. On his program, Under The Influence, he analyzes the fascinating world of marketing and explains how advertising shapes our world.
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Book recommendation of the week :
Where Chefs Eat: A Guide To Chefs’ Favorite RestaurantsNo matter where you are off to this summer, make sure you eat well! In Where Chefs Eat, 600 top chefs have selected 3200 restaurants in 70 different countries. So, whether it’s for a five-course dinner or a sandwich on the go, say goodbye to tourist traps and hello to the favourite places of locals!


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Read and suggested by Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken, President, TP1.

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