Weekend reading list – week of June 12, 2017

June 16, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of June 12th 2017.

Boomers are more millennial than actual Millennials
The supposed “vanguards” of the new economic age, Millennials are being hailed for completely changing the economy. Preferring flexible work hours over 9-to-5, gigs over careers, and happiness over money, this new direction is generating significant changes in how we all earn money. But the biggest surprise? Baby boomers and Millennials have the same needs.
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How Céline Dion became cool
Even when she was top of the charts, Céline Dion was never considered cool, in the “edgy” or “exciting” sense of the word… as least that’s what Rolling Stone and other critics told us to believe. Today, she is adored by Drake and countless fans, as well as traditionally hip media sources like MTV and The Fader. How did she get so cool long AFTER having conquered the music world?
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Online dating, the facts
Are rich liberals or poor conservatives more likely to look for love online? High school graduates or university grads? James Tozer, a data analyst at The Economist, breaks down the results of a study on love in the digital age conducted by Pew Research Center.
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Inconspicuous consumption
Nevermind the pearls and designer handbags. Today’s rich no longer need luxury items to show their status; rather, they’re now doing so by prizing knowledge and building cultural capital. That is, the elite prefer investing in goods and services that benefit society; choosing The Economist and farmers’ markets instead of high-end cars and furs.
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Make 3D printing popular again
Considering the frenzy that greets every announcement of a new breakthrough in virtual and/or augmented reality, it’s not surprising that everyone has practically forgotten about 3D printing. However, a 3D printer is a remarkably practical tool and it continues to innovate. Let’s take a moment to bask in its greatness with writer Maud Jolibois.
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When brands capitalize on blunders
Turning mishaps into opportunities. Some brands can pull it off brilliantly. But the risk of failure looms. Our VP of strategy, Stéphane Mailhiot, looks at advertisers who pulled it off… and some who didn’t.
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In your earbuds: Lasso of Truth
Elle Collins and Juliet Kahn have hosted the Lasso of Truth podcast since February. These prescient hosts must have known what was coming! Each episode explores some aspect of the Wonder Woman universe, from the new Hollywood adaptation to the latest comic books featuring our favourite female superhero.
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This week’s favourite thing
Space travel comes with big challenges! During missions, astronauts miss the Earth, their families and friends, and especially the food. A German company, Bake In Space, wants to help astronauts feel less homesick by making bread that astronauts can bake in space.

Image from Silicon.NYC