Weekend reading list – week of June 13, 2016

June 17, 2016

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of June 13th 2016.

The future of branding: Debranding
Tired of seeing brands, brands, brands no matter where you turn? Rejoice! The next big thing in branding is debranding! A response to ubiquitous advertising, this more optimistic approach proposes a branding strategy based on the original values of selling stuff: having a good product.
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Hiring trailblazers
Best-selling author and Wharton Professor Adam Grant has spent years researching non-conformists. According to his findings, companies should be hiring more of these Originals. In this article, he shares tips on how to identify, encourage and psychologically nurture a greater number of trailblazers.
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Mobility and privacy
For three months, Berlin-born visual artist Florian Meisenberg shared every detail of his digital life. Absolutely anyone could follow Meisenberg’s mobile activity, as well as his movements, in real time. Photos, appointments, emails, nothing was spared. His artistic work raises some interesting questions about our addiction to mobiles.
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Buying art on the web
Technology is transforming every industry and the selling of art is no exception. In 2015, artworks of every variety sold for a total $3.3 billion online–that’s three times more than in 2013. The same trend is happening in Quebec, where artists and collectors alike are increasingly buying and selling art online.
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Teaching creativity
As we get older, we seem to become less creative, even though our brains were bursting with new ideas when we were children. Account manager Natasha Field believes that our creative talents should be more nurtured during our school years.
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In your earbuds: Visual intelligence
How can you improve your visual acuity? In this episode of Accidental Creative, host Todd Henry welcomes Amy Herman, author of Visual Intelligence, to talk about improving your observational skills.
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This week’s favourite thing
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