Weekend reading list – week of June 22

June 26, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of June 22.

The search for a lost designer
It all started when an anonymous user on Reddit expressed a desire to find the designer of the famous Jazz Cup, the disposable cup at every party in the 90s. Moved by nostalgia, a horde of other users started searching for the genius who created the emblematic turquoise design. A fascinating tale unfolds!
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Not without my Moleskine
The Moleskine first appeared in 1997, designed by Maria Sebregondi, who wanted to create the perfect travel notebook. Today’s biggest buyers of Moleskines are not travelers however, but students, entrepreneurs, creatives and others working in tech fields. What makes this notebook so popular?
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 To skip or not to skip?
Your friend sends you a message with a YouTube link, promising that it’s the funniest video ever. You click on the link and an ad loads. Advertisers now have five seconds to get your attention before you click “Skip”. What should they know about keeping you on the page?
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MBA + designer, a dynamic duo
For Katie Dill, head of UX at AirBnb, designers and MBA make up the ultimate dream team. “But we’re not only designing objects, we’re designing strategies,” she explains. “We’re designing teams. We’re designing the way we work.”
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Finding love without a smartphone
In 2015, looking for true love often starts with the swipe of a finger, follows with a Facebook friend request and progresses with texts, sexy selfies and emojis. But for Judith Goudsmit, a young New Yorker and proud owner of a flip phone, cruising is a whole other process. A rare story that may actually surprise you.
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To celebrate Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day
If you didn’t already know, the National Film Board has a vast repertory of films available online. Here are seven very apt selections in honour of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day.
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