Weekend reading list – week of June 29

July 3, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of June 29.

Virtual reality
Back in 1987, while we were playing Space Invaders and Pac-Man in the arcade, a British company called Virtuality began producing virtual reality games. Arcades quickly caught on and added these games to their lineups, but consumers weren’t interested, preferring consoles that were less powerful, but could be played with at home. An overview of the virtual reality gaming revolution that wasn’t.
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Blogger Ève Martel, an expert in etiquette for marketers and content creators, has written a post about sponsored content. An interesting reflection on this trend and how it impacts the industry in Quebec.
Read it on the Tellement Swell blog (French only)

Design is taking over the world
Beyond creating physical objects, design has long influenced lifestyles and services, and is today poised to impact human beings through personal branding and cosmetic surgery. How to understand this trend and the future society it promises? A broad philosophical discussion between artist and professor Norbert Hillaire, industrial designer Antoine Fenoglio and Marc Partouche, director of École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs.
Listen in on France Culture (French only)

Changing your life in 8 easy steps
Neverending to-do lists, deadlines that can’t be pushed and over-packed schedules… It’s hard to get ahead in life and make your dreams a reality when you’re constantly chasing your own tail. Benjamin Hardy has suggested 8 things you should be doing every day before 8AM to rethink your life and get out of survival mode. A great way to start inching towards your dreams!
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Is it still the same?
What do Genesis, The Supremes and The Rolling Stones have in common? They have all replaced members of the band without changing the band name. In this article, published in Smithsonian Magazine, music journalist Geoffrey Himes explores a compelling question: What determines a musical group’s identity? Its name or its members?
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In celebration of Canada Day: EHmojis
Add a little Canadian pride to your text messages with the EHmoji keyboard by Tim Hortons! These very-Canuck emojis will add some maple syrup to your texting.
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Happy reading!

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