Weekend reading list – week of June 5, 2017

June 9, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of June 5th 2017.

The cultural significance of the prom dress
Ah, prom. A coming-of-age custom that takes place each spring, requiring female attendees to spend weeks in search of that perfect gown. While male guests are also expected to bring their A-game, a prom dress hides a multitude of social conventions and high expectations under that ruched skirt. It has to be one-of-a-kind, but trendy… and with a hint of seductive. Why do we treat this garment as a girl’s entry ticket into womanhood?
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Millennials take care with self-care
Since we’re still collectively obsessed by Millennials, you may be interested to learn that Gen Y has spent the most money on personal improvement… ever. In an effort to maintain their emotional, physical and mental health, this generation more readily turns to life coaches, therapy, wellness apps, workout plans and so on, than any previous cohort. Where does the trend stem from?
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Dear Hillary Clinton
Still reeling from their astounding loss, the Hillary Clinton campaign team receives more correspondence than ever before. Who is responsible for managing and drafting responses to these heart-felt letters? Robert Russo, director of correspondence and briefings, and aide to the ex-presidential candidate for the past decade, tells us what it’s like to relive such an impressive fight through the words of voters.
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Keyboard geeks
All things geeky have a home on Reddit. It’s no surprise then that the platform hosts a large community of computer keyboard enthusiasts, who build their accessories from scratch and know who makes the best key caps. Recognized as Haata on the message threads, Jacob Alexander has reached “legend” status in the community. Alex Cranz, editor at Gizmodo, interviewed the innovator to learn more about keyboard fanatics.
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What will smart news look like?
For awhile there, news media were struggling to stay relevant. Once again on the front lines, how will outlets evolve with the rise of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence? Eric Scherer, Director of Prospects for France Télévisions, consults with over a dozen experts in search of the answers.
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Wrinkled, greying and creative
Damn. Apparently, the older we get, the less creative we are. At least according to a recent Crop poll finding that creativity declines with age. This makes our copywriter, Gabriel Allaire, scratch his head, since he knows himself to be surrounded by so many greying pates, who are still extremely creative. He has a few things to get off his chest.
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In your earbuds: Beatrice Media
Women have always played an important role in technology, but there’s been a dismal lack of gender diversity in tech since the 1980s. In this episode of Béatrice Média’s bi-weekly podcast, meet Cassie Rheaume, co-chapter leader at Ladies Learning Code, who talks about how to encourage women and girls to follow their science and tech dreams.

This week’s favourite thing
For eight years, Pete Souza presented the Obama family to the world through his camera lens. In the post-Barack era, the photographer’s latest contract involves shooting candids of a fictional President…

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