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Weekend reading list – week of June 8

June 12, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of June 8.

Between a hipster and a yuppie
These young residents of Brooklyn or Mile-End grew up in the suburbs, studied the humanities in college and are committed to making no compromise between pursuing their dreams and earning a dollar. Who are these hybrids of the hipster and the yuppie? Journalist David Infante is suggesting the term “yuccies”, for “Young Urban Creatives”.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Seven leading architects have written in defense of some of the world’s most hated buildings. Will they change your opinion?
Read it on T Magazine

Coding to stave off Alzheimer’s
According to recent studies, knowing multiple languages can slow down the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. According to Gregorio Rojas, a developer and founder of sabio.la, a California organization that seeks to democratize access to programming training, learning how to code is similar to learning a new language. Are programmers thus less prone to develop Alzheimer’s?
Read it on Motherboard

Google has discovered design
Google has never been known for producing beautifully designed interfaces. In recent years, however, their design efforts on the Android platform may convert even the biggest iOs fans! Read all about the vision that motivates the team of designers who is responsible for transforming Google’s design culture.
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Remember being a kid and pretending to be a paleontologist, digging for dinosaur bones? Why do these creatures, which disappeared some 65 million years ago, still fascinate us today? The Guardian tackles this big question, just in time for the movie release of the fourth Jurassic Park.
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Book recommendation of the week :
The Best Interface is No InterfaceDoes the multiplication of screens (and interfaces) improve the user experience? On June 8, as part of the Tout le monde UX event, writer Golden Krishna explained the concept of “No Interface” (#NoUI), which seeks to reorient technological solutions around the user experience and simplicity, rather than using interfaces to control them.


Read and recommended by Sylvain Letellier and Laurent Simon Lapierre, Strategists, TP1.

Musical recommendation of the week :
Rêves d’été by Laurence NerbonneLast November, to celebrate the agency’s 9th anniversary, Laurence Nerbonne brought the house down with her band Hôtel Morphée. Now a solo artist with a new image, Laurence is proving herself to be very talented at capturing the spirit of the times. This week, she launched the electro-pop-tropical tune, Rêves d’été, the first single from her new solo album. Best savoured in the sunshine, with a cocktail, of course.


Recommended by Jan-Nicolas Vanderveken, President, TP1.

Happy reading (and happy listening!)

– The TP1 team

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