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Weekend reading list – Week of March 7, 2016

March 11, 2016

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of March 7.

Women in programming history
Did you know that the first computer programmer was Countess Ada Lovelace? Here’s another surprising fact for you: Before the 1980s, the number of women studying computer science was actually equal to or higher than the number of men. But today, women in the field are few and far between. So what happened?
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What’s better in e-comm, to scroll or click?
What’s the best way to display the products you have for sale on an e-commerce site? While some people are fans of pagination or “Load more” buttons, others prefer infinite scrolling. Independent UX research firm Baymard Institute studied more than 50 e-commerce sites and tested the three product display options, on desktop and mobile, to bring you the answers.
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The stars align in cyberspace
These days, there’s no need to visit your favourite astrologist to find out what your future has in store! No matter what your sign, you can find your daily horoscope in just about any newspaper, on the Web or on Snapchat. There are traditional horoscopes that talk about love and money, and others with lists of products just perfect for your sign. Horoscopes are all over the print media, but can also take the form of a meme or GIF. How have horoscopes adapted so well to the huge changes we’ve seen in the media landscape in recent years?
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A short history of the grocery cart
Whether it’s the wheeled model you use when shopping or the icon you see on e-commerce sites, the grocery cart has become the definitive symbol of modern consumption. Journalist Zachary Crockett chronicles the history of this ubiquitous object since its invention back in 1936. Step into the corridors of this unparalleled institution that is half educational, half business venture.
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Redesigning Playboy
After more than 60 years of nudity, Playboy has changed tack. Whether it’s on the Web or in its magazine, the entire brand is repositioning itself and getting a whole new look. The art is more refined, the format has an airier feel and the models, though still as sexy as ever, will be more dressed and more sophisticated. With this shift to a more artistic, more realistic approach, the days of blond, silicone-enhanced Bunnies seem to be gone for good.
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In honour of International Francophonie Month, TP1 will publish a series of four articles on the French language on the Grenier aux nouvelles website. This week’s topic: Anglicisms.
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This week’s favourite thing:
It seems you can’t talk about Bernie Sanders without mentioning his accent! Vox investigates and clears up the origin of his unique way of speaking!

In Your Earbuds: cllbr
Xavier Peich, co-founder of SmartHalo, the Montreal start-up that promises to transform bikes into smart vehicles by means of a connected device, raised over a half-million dollar with a Kickstarter campaign. Here he tells listeners what was behind the campaign’s success.