Weekend reading list – week of November 21, 2016

November 25, 2016

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of November 21st 2016.

Disney for adults
Having conquered the hearts of Millennials when they were young, Disney has managed to keep that relationship going strong some 20 years later. This entertainment giant has grown alongside its audience thanks to creative thinking, adapting to new technology and a team of “digitologists”. Is it magic… or brand innovation?
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The doctor is in (your pocket)
Music therapy is hardly new. For decades now, we’ve known that some albums help with concentration, some playlists keep you motivated during a workout and others just boost your mood. Not surprising then to discover that many tech companies are creating mobile apps to help you self-medicate with music.
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See the world with VR
Travel is a marvellous, complex and sometimes scary experience. So why tempt fate, when virtual reality can get you safely there and back? The travel industry has begun to offer globetrotters a new way to explore the world. Whether it’s scaling Mount Everest (no hypothermia!) or kayaking in Iceland (no splinters!), tourism-focused VR is changing the way we see the world.
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A revolution in email design
Email is in the midst of a revolution. Thanks to better tools, templates and frameworks, the traditional static design we all know is on its way out. According to Jason Rodriguez, author and relationship marketing specialist, this revolution will forever change the advertiser-subscriber relationship and impact how designers and developers approach creating email campaigns.
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What is collaborator experience design?
A great user experience will generate positive feelings in the person using the digital interface. Consequently, knowing your users is key to creating a product or service that delivers a truly extraordinary experience–a reality that so many companies have now taken to heart. Why? Because if you want to stand out in your market, focusing on your offer, technical advantage or aesthetic appeal is no longer enough.
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In your earbuds: Nice to Meet You
In this episode of the Nice to Meet You podcast, German designer Tobias Van Schneider sat down with Sarah Cooper to talk about her unusual career path from student of economics to designer to copywriter at Google to actress. Cooper notably shares advice on how to discover your passion.

This week’s favourite thing
Tyler Lund, Software Development Manager at Audible and a new dad, has used the A/B testing method traditionally used to evaluate the performance of various marketing approaches to put his twins to sleep. Welcome to a new era of parenting!