Weekend reading list – week of November 23, 2015

November 27, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of November 23.
The Amish community is known for living simply and without the amenities of modern life. However, many still manage to have Facebook profiles and Etsy boutiques! Kevin Williams, a journalist long fascinated by this community, has written an intriguing article for Aeon about the relationship the Amish have with technology.
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2015, year of the emoji
After choosing vape in 2014, Oxford Dictionary, that prestigious pillar of the English language, crowned the 😂 emoji (also called, Face With Tears of Joy) as the top “word” of 2015. Try pronouncing that at your next cocktail.
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The history of the podcast
Did you know that the podcast is about 15 years old? The Northwestern University-based Knight Lab, a collective of technologists and journalists exploring news media innovation, has created a historical timeline for the podcast from the RSS feed in 1999 to today.
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Where do you put the lead?
Wallpaper has an interview with Jonathan Ive, industrial designer and Vice President of Apple, to talk about the Apple Pencil, a stylus you can use with your iPad.
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Ode to selfies
Journalist Rachel Syme, herself an aficionado, has written an excellent article about selfies. Syme passionately defends this very popular phenomenon, which is seen by many as narcissistic and shallow. A definitely non-shallow treatment.
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Four Boomerang awards for TP1
TP1 is proud to have been recognized four times during the 21st annual Boomerang Awards, which honour the digital communications industry in Quebec. The agency earned awards for Raymond (Website or application for a consumer brand, large company), je vois mtl (Redesign of content strategy) and Quiz Mise-o-jeu in collaboration with Saint-Jacques Vallée Y & R (Website or application for product/promotion), as well as the Grand prix coup de coeur for je vois mtl.
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Reading recommendation of the week:
Guide du marketing de contenu, by Pascal Henrard and Patrick Pierra (French only). Pascal Henrard and Patrick Pierra wrote Guide du marketing de contenu to help companies better understand and apply the important new concept of content marketing, which has yet to be firmly defined and its effectiveness proven. Packed with examples, this guide covers all stages from initial conceptualization to the execution of a content strategy.

Recommended by Kaïsa Akhmoun, Interactive marketing specialist, TP1

In your earbuds: Redesign
If you love branding, then welcome to your new favourite podcast! Studio 360 invites listeners to submit concepts that need a little refresh. They then select an agency to propose a new brand image. Discover more about the revamped looks for Canada, the Confederate flag and marijuana!
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Happy reading!

– The TP1 team