Weekend reading list – week of November 27, 2017

December 1, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of November 27th 2017.

The art of Wu-Tang
The Wu-Tang Clan is much revered in the hip-hop universe for their valuable contributions to the genre and to musical culture in general. In addition to legendary rap verses, Wu-Tang also created a compelling visual identity. Eliza Williams, Associate Editor of Creative Review, interviewed RZA (band member) and Mathematics (Wu-Tang’s producer and designer) about that iconic logo, album covers and overall artistic approach.
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See the Louvre (or something like it)… from home!
Now that we have virtual exhibitions (ex. a href=”http://bit.ly/2BB7nWQ” target=”_blank”>La bibliothèque, la nuit de BAnQ), museums that only exist in virtual reality were inevitable. Art collector George Kremer and his son Joël (ex-Google) have just “opened the doors” of a virtual gallery. If this marks the beginning of a long love affair between art and VR, what does that mean for the future of museums?
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Etsy is evolving
When Etsy went public two years ago, the company, champion of entrepreneurs and makers, was already struggling to compete with industry giants. After a traumatic internal shuffle, the brand’s new CEO, Josh Silverman is now actively pushing for changes that will help Etsy regain its edge. Journalist David Gelles takes a snapshot of how it’s coming along.
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How technology farms are cutting water use
Faced with an imminent drought, some cutting-edge farms in Kansas are developing new agricultural methods and technologies to help them avoid such a fate. Current research projects are targeting reductions in water use and more efficient water management. But will these measures be enough to trigger significant change?
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The marketing of food waste
Each year, we waste an average one third of all food produced in North America. Now that we are beginning to see start-ups dedicated to “recycling” food, selling “ugly” fruit and veg, and even making new products based on dumpster finds, industry giants are being forced to rethink their approach. Will they ride the wave or fall behind?
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In your earbuds: More Perfect
You don’t need to be a fan of Judge Judy to love this podcast! A presentation of Radiolab, the More Perfect podcast explores how cases deliberated inside the rarefied world of the Supreme Court affect our lives. After all, this court is comprised of nine elite individuals who have the power to change laws regulating marriage, money, national security and even sex!
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This week’s favourite thing
The perfect marriage of your two favourite TV shows! Sesame Street has just launched a parody of Stranger Things and it is… quite simply… perfect! All your favourites, from Joyce Byers to Barb, are lovingly portrayed, but be forewarned–the mini episode contains spoilers!

Image from Creative Review