Weekend reading list – week of November 6, 2017

November 10, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of November 6th 2017.

My memes, my self
Some memes appear sporadically in our social media feeds, shared by a few wry Internet users, whereas others arrive in a flood, as if an urgent memo had been sent out. Although we don’t always know where they come from, memes perfectly express (somehow) a funny undercurrent in our lives. Shannon Edwards, a maker of memes, explains her approach.
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How we travel now
The era of luxury hotels is done, goodbye the Ritz, so long Trump! Young travellers in the 21st century are instead seeking out ultra-modern and pro-local establishments that offer personalized services and authentic experiences. What is the perfect formula for attracting this new clientele?
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The world’s first female video game designer
Forgotten in the annals of gaming history, Joyce Weisbecker was one of the world’s first professional programmers. In 1976, recently graduated from high school, she was hired (and paid) as an independent developer for RCA, where she designed console games. Having earned degrees in computer science, electrical engineering and actuarial science, this tech pioneer is now interested in artificial intelligence.
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The value of boredom
Twiddling your thumbs in a waiting room. Idling behind the wheel in traffic. “Boring” situations such as these are generally negatively perceived. Admit it, no one wants to be bored. But according to studies by psychologist and author Sandi Mann, boredom may help us be more creative. How can you make boredom work for you?
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Being an artist on Craigslist
It ain’t easy making art. Studios and collaborators are hard to find, materials are expensive to purchase. But what to do? Some artists have been using Craigslist to find the right resources at the right price! These new artistic collaborations between the platform’s “buyers” and “sellers” have yielded some surprisingly profound results!
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In your earbuds: Method
Hosted by interactive designer Aidan Simpson, Method is a new podcast that follows the creative paths and projects of Google designers.
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This week’s favourite thing
What’s the best way to teach children? Letting them play, touch and eat different things, of course! Illustrator Rob Flowers has created a series of entirely edible posters to help children become more adventurous in their eating habits.

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