Weekend reading list – week of October 13

October 17, 2014

Every week, TP1 shares our top 5 reads pulled from local and international sources. Here’s your can’t-miss content for the week of October 13.

Facebook and Apple innovate
Silicon Valley’s most famous companies are now the first offering to pay employees to freeze their eggs, no medical reason required. This strategy—which will cost $10,000 per round, plus $500 a year for storage—seeks to encourage employees who would like to focus on their career and put their fertility “on ice”.
 Read it on NBC News

Happy meal!
The New York Times ran a cute experiment for its latest Food Issue: serve second graders a seven-course menu ($220 value) at the New York restaurant of Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud. The goal? To expose kids to different textures and flavours.
 Watch it on the New York Times

Are your Facebook friends “true” friends?
Australian Matt Kulesza has set a goal to meet and have coffee with each one of his 1,088 Facebook friends in the next three years.
 Read it on Dazed

Not just code monkeys
In this video, British programmer, author and presenter Martin Fowler explains his collaborative vision for computer development. That is, a programmer should participate in the creative process and not just execute orders.
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Art of the GIF
Have you ever replied to a text by just sending a GIF? It’s all the rage right now! To help you get started, there’s a new app ready for download: Relay.
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Xiaomi and Goliath
Oh, the almighty Apple. But there are other brands that entering the market, namely the Chinese company Xiaomi, and changing the face of the smartphone industry.
 Read it on Harvard Business Review

Happy reading!
– The TP1 team

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