Weekend reading list – week of October 27

October 31, 2014

Every week, TP1 shares our top 5 reads pulled from local and international sources. Here’s your can’t-miss content for the week of October 27.

A newsfeed unique to you
If you feel as if you keep seeing the same items in your Facebook feed, you’re not imagining things. It’s the handiwork of 26-year-old Facebook engineer Greg Marra and his team, who developed the code that generates the newsfeed of each user on the popular social network.
→ Read it on The New York Times

The hamburger, a symbol for mobile?
The launch of iPhone in January 2007 changed many things… including how to display a website on mobile. In a short period of time, consensus was reached with a design reminiscent of a minimalist hamburger. Seven years on, is this model still enjoying unanimity?
→ Read it on Fred Cavazza’s website (French only)

Jerome Jarre, a social media star with 7.5 million followers on Vine, leveraged his community to save his own skin. While travelling on a flight from Mexico to Miami, Jarr filmed a prank Vine video that earned him an airport welcome from… the FBI.
→ Read it on Mashable

Can you spare a quarter, buddy?
Following the cyber-attack on JPMorgan Chase last August, journalist Lisa Selin Davis tried an experiment: for one week, she put aside cash and credit card and paid for everything digitally. In light of a popular opinion that our society will soon move away from liquid assets entirely, Davis shares a few of the lessons learned.
→ Read it on Quartz

Vice expands to TV
Vice Media, which began as a magazine in Montreal in 1994, has announced a new partnership with Rogers to launch a 24-hour TV channel. Only available in Canada, the channel will launch in 2015.
→ Read it on Canadian Business

Happy reading!
– The TP1 team

The image above is from Vice News