Weekend reading list – week of October 30, 2017

November 3, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of October 30th 2017.

The NBA’s never been hotter than it is in 2017. So what’s got the game suddenly sinking 3-pointers again? According to journalist David Dennis Jr., the players’ slam-dunk mastery of social media has fuelled the phenomenon, teamed with the league’s stance on African-American culture. Should the NFL embrace black culture in the same way, or stick to the sidelines?
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Dating sites = societal shifts
The first dating sites appeared in the 90s. In the time since, they’ve radically altered the way we meet our partners, and ultimately shifted society. While sceptics were claiming that the practice fosters weaker relationships, European researchers were busy discovering that the breakup rate of married couples who meet online is actually lower than that of couples who meet the old-fashioned way.
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The secret sauce of Stranger Things
People love Stranger Things for different reasons: while some fans soak up the show’s thriller vibe, others embrace the characters that manage to seem endearing and comical no matter the situation. Whatever our reason, one thing is clear: everyone loves Stranger Things. How has Netflix managed to spin a series into a global phenomenon?
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In defense of creative
In advertising, while creative may win the Lion, it rarely wins the lion’s share of the budget. Why are we so hesitant to invest in creative, and what can we do about it? Renowned strategists and creatives weigh in with their analyses.
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Why we love the #coffice
Ever noticed how much more productive you are, working from a café instead of the office? What is it about public spaces that makes it easier for us to find focus? New studies offer up fresh-brewed answers.
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Nikolaos Lerakis: VP of Design, Havas Montréal
Growing up, Nikolaos Lerakis was fascinated by computer development, eventually channeling that interest into design. Our new VP of design and GM of La Maison W Montréal shares his journey on Havas’ The Mag.
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In your earbuds: Philip Pullman
For Philip Pullman, British author of more than twenty novels, the professions of writer and storyteller are different animals. He believes that a writer focuses more on form, while a storyteller gives top billing to content. In an interview with the BBC he shares his tips for improving his writing.
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This week’s favourite thing
A Montreal café is making waves on the interwebs these days: Laurier Avenue’s le Lapin pressé is winning over the web with its posters mixing pop culture and food-related humour. The city should be mad proud. ❤️️😉

Image from The Nation