Weekend reading list – week of September 1

September 5, 2014

Every week, TP1 shares our top 5 reads pulled from local and international sources. Here’s your can’t-miss content for the week of September 1.

Do you have access to a window?
A new study challenges the idea that only achievement will buy you access to natural lighting in the workplace. By revealing the importance of exposure to daylight, it also mentions that the mere presence of windows raises your employees’ quality of life and their productivity. More than a merit badge, it should be considered a necessity for everyone.
→ Read it on fastcodesign.com

Are we idiots?
Our brains are much smaller than those of our ancestors and we are more stupid too, despite evolution and advances in our society. To read more findings from a study that looked at the decline of human intelligence, read Barry Ritholtz article on his blog, The Big Picture.
→ Read it on ritholtz.com

Improve your ping pong prowess
Who has never lost count of points right in the middle of a ping pong game? To remedy this terrible problem, the employees at Sidigital have come up with a fairly original solution.
→ Read it on sidigital.co

WordPress gets a facelift
WordPress has just launched version 4.0 of its platform. This one is named “Benny“, in honour of Benjamin David “Benny” Goodman, famed clarinetist and American jazz bandleader. To see the improvements in this version, visit:
→ wordpress.org

Print is not dead
On KickStarter, the PRINT IS(N’T) DEAD project wants to print a new magazine about design and illustration. Published four times a year, this project seeks to redefine design in all its forms.
→ View the project on kickstarter.com

Happy reading!
– The TP1 team

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