Weekend reading list – week of September 14

September 18, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of September 14.

Diapers Inc.
On average, infants go through about 4,410 diapers in their first three years. Nielsen takes a closer look at this surprising $29-billion industry.
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Selfie revolution
According to André Gunthert, a visual history professor and researcher at France’s École des hautes études en sciences sociales, selfies represent an image revolution the likes of which we haven’t seen for centuries—a revolution that is not only iconographic, but also sociological, social and even political.
Read it on L’OBS (French only)

Getting the green message out
For many of us, caring about the environment means doing a few good deeds: recycling, bringing back returnable bottles, and using reusable bags at the grocery store. But in this era of climate change, do we have to find a new way to talk to people about the environment? Journalist Brooke Jarvis asks an important question: how can we get people to care more about the environment?
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Advertising, be gone!
Isn’t it great to browse the Internet and get all the content you want for free? And isn’t it even better when you don’t have to wade through countless ads to do so? No wonder more and more Web users are installing ad blockers! But what does this trend mean for sites that earn most of their revenue from advertising?
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A little vino?
We all know that music has the power to alter our emotions and change the way we perceive things around us. In the last decade, an abundance of research has suggested that music can even affect how we interact … with wine! So how does music affect our judgment when it comes to buying or tasting wine?
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We expect skincare brands to try to pull in consumers with promises of eternally youth. But now Lancôme has surprised everyone with a new campaign that challenges Canadian women to love their age (and not care about such silly things).
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Reading recommendation of the week :
Damn Good Advice by George Lois. Discover 120 tips from George Lois, a member of the Art Directors Hall of Fame. This compendium of sage advice is illustrated with famous advertising campaigns to help readers put the work of advertising executives into perspective. An interesting philosophy, a quick read and advice that stays with you!


Read and recommended by Jean-Sébastien Martel, Sid Lee Content Developer and a member of the group 15×15.

In Your Earphones :
Call your girlfriend is a podcast featuring producer Gina Delvac, journalist Ann Friedman and digital strategist Aminatou Sow. Every two weeks, the three hosts get together to discuss topics of interest to women, pop culture, the media and new technologies, all without taboos. This week: Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the artistic concept behind Taylor Swift’s latest video, the Williams sisters and periods.
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Happy reading!

– The TP1 team

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