Weekend reading list – week of September 18, 2017

September 22, 2017

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of September 18th 2017.

Once upon a time in Detroit…
How to create a more nuanced portrait of a city beset by a history of decay and violence? Can storytelling be key to a territorial marketing campaign? The Mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan is testing the theory by hiring journalist Aaron Foley as the city’s Official Storyteller.
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Who invented the hashtag?
It’s impossible to talk about social media interactions without mentioning the ubiquitous hashtag. From Twitter to Instagram, we exchange no less than 125 million hashtags every day. Read this profile of Chris Messina, the little-known inventor of this online icon.
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The Rick Rubin of Spotify
Among the hundreds of playlists on Spotify, there is one that’s become the most influential in the music industry. The RapCaviar playlist, curated by one person—Tuma Basa—is turning unheard-of and emerging rappers into megastars.
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Everyone in your company is a creative
It only took two weeks and a hella load of passion for six students from the Hyper Island school in Stockholm to launch an agency specializing in stimulating creativity in your business. Five years later, two of the original founders of The Pop Up Agency, Abraham Young Asefaw and Maksimilian Kallhed, have travelled the world to help clients redesign their creative process and democratize creativity across all departments.
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The show must go on: the Apple strategy
What makes Apple such a strong player in the tech industry? The hardware, yes, is part of it, but its media strategy is the real MVP. Even the hurricanes devastating Florida and Texas couldn’t peel eyeballs away from the Apple Event that took place September 12th.
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Femvertising campaigns should not be the exception
“Femvertising” campaigns stimulate important discussions and inspire social movements. But the truth is, these campaigns are barely making a ripple against the endless wave of still-clichéd advertising messages. Stéphanie A-Lebon, our Content Strategist, shares her conclusions.
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In your earbuds: Under The Influence
The world of advertising is constantly evolving at a thrilling speed. In the last decade, advertisers have moved away from hammering messages to levering the power of influence. Author (and ex-ad guy) Terry O’Reilly, is the host of Under The Influence, a podcasting series that looks at how the industry has and continues to change.
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This week’s favourite thing
Because the desire to keep it #local also extends to art, Montreal’s Bureau du design has put the spotlight on 10 young (and local) designers and artists as part of celebrations for the city’s 375th anniversary.

Image from Yakuzuzu