Weekend reading list – week of September 19, 2016

September 23, 2016

Each week, we share the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of September 19th 2016.

Museums: Culture + parties
According to Susie Wilkening, of the Reach Advisors research group, art museums are often perceived by the public as being boring and stodgy. Marketing teams at museums around the world have been working hard to change this perception by putting more interesting tourist attractions and cultural events into programming. But between kiddy activities and adult cocktail time, what’s happened to the art?
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The latest trend? Not sleeping!
Tim Cook, Apple’s head honcho, wakes at 3:45AM to reply to email, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, rolls out of bed at 5:30AM and Anna Wintour, Editor of Vogue, is always in the office before 6AM. Do you really need to get up with the birds if you want to succeed in business?
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Why are you addicted to how-to videos?
Whether you want to learn how to bake a pie, pilot an airplane, repair a leak or knot a tie, how-to videos are a popular source of information. In 2015, YouTube had more than 135 million how-to videos online. Why is the how-to video so effective?
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Most creative cities
Where do the most creatives live in the U.S.? Polygraph has compiled seven years worth of Kickstarter project data to draw a map of creative types and where they live. Did New York, San Francisco and Portland live up to the reputation? Or are emerging cities like Nashville, Atlanta and Austin taking the lead?
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The Patagonia philosophy
Is it possible to be the co-founder of a clothing brand AND be an anti-capitalist? Yvon Chouinard, co-founder of Patagonia, has rooted his environmental values and anti-bullshit stance into the brand’s identity and marketing strategy. How can a brand grow if it promotes eco-responsibility and criticizes capitalism?
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The 5 communications-marketing megatrends that will rule 2017
As part of the Les grands communicateurs conferences, Stéphane Mailhiot, Vice President, Strategy at Havas, and Arnaud Granata, President and Editor at Infopresse, will join forces to present a conference on communications-marketing trends to watch in 2017. Book your ticket for the evening of September 28!
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In your earbuds: Developer Tea
How can you advance your career as a web developer? Developer Tea offers helpful career tips in 10-minute capsules. Want to learn how to improve teamwork, communicate in a clearer fashion or clean out your cynical vocabulary? Subscribing to Developer Tea is a good start!
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This week’s favourite thing
There’s no visit to IKEA, everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture brand, without long line-ups, a domestic spat in the kitchen section and… a quick stop at the restaurant! Journalist Lucas Peterson has tested all the IKEA menu choices and selected the tastiest. You’re not the only one to love some Swedish meatballs!