Weekend reading list – week of September 21

September 25, 2015

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are your must-reads, published here and abroad, for the week of September 21.

Open me!
Usually, a good open rate for a newsletter is about 25% to 40%. See how the New York Times gets an average open rate of 70%!
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It’s in the bag!
We’ve all had the experience of opening a big bag of chips only to find out it’s half empty. British design agency Johnson Banks explores the container-content relationship in its photographic project How Packaging Works.
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UX lessons Grandma taught me
Ergonomics and UX are both rooted in the material world we’re all familiar with. Just like optimizing your living space, enhancing the user experience does not necessarily require costly resources and technologies. To illustrate this principle, ergonomist Pascale Morneau takes us to visit her grandmother. Yes, a 70-year-old woman’s house really can help you understand the Web!
Read it in Pascale Morneau’s blog (French only)

As easy as pie!
Even though the leaves are still on the trees, retailers’ shelves are already stocked with impressive quantities of pumpkin-spice products. Is this just a passing fad or the start of a new fall tradition?
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Barbie (really) wants to be your friend!
What if, instead of asking Siri your questions, you could talk to Barbie instead? With the help of artificial intelligence, America’s most famous doll could soon carry on real conversations with your child.
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Reading recommendation of the week :
Poutine pour emporter is the first novel from content strategist Marie Eve Gosemick. It tells the story of the quarter-life crisis of an eternal “choker” whose travel scars hide some deep-seated soul-searching.


Read and recommended by Stéphanie A-Lebon, TP1 Project Manager.

In your Earphones :
Out of the Box is a podcast that features comedian Rosie Tran’s interviews with progressive thinkers from a wide variety of industries, including entertainment, science and business.
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Happy reading!

– The TP1 team

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