This week’s picks

August 22, 2014

Each week, TP1 shares the top five articles that caught our attention. Here are this week’s picks, from all over the world.

When data meets the sports world
Journalist Chris B. Brown writes how Chip Kelly, head football coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, uses data and research to enhance his coaching strategy.
? Read it on grantland.com

Creativity and technology
Making art with code? That’s the idea behind DevArt. This Google initiative encourages programmers to push their potential and bust through the natural limits of binary language. An inspiring site to visit often:
? Read it on devart.withgoogle.com

Working for free
When ShowTime asked Dan Cassaro to provide free artwork to promote one of their boxing matches, the designer let his channel – and the entire world – know what he thinks about working for free.
? Read it on adweek.com

Measuring the scope of a project
A new project is always exciting. We have big ambitions, dream about new functionalities, plot the content to create, etc. This article illustrates the importance of placing just as much, if not more effort into evaluating which existing elements can be kept and the impact of pulling others.
? Read it on medium.com

The difference between UX and UI
It’s fairly common for user experience designers to be recruited for a UI/UX position. But that’s like trying to find a family doctor/psychologist. This article details the difference between these two specialized professions.
? Read it on blog.careerfoundry.com

Happy reading!

– TP1 team