I see mtl

Digital, radio and display campaign
Fond projet JevoisMtl
Ecran JevoisMtl

The brief in a tweet

Imagining and encouraging a participatory social movement designed to breathe new life into Greater Montréal.

The result

The I see mtl campaign reached 80% of Montréal adults. Nearly 300 projects were submitted to the web platform, which had 130,000 hits and garnered 15,000 votes, 2,200 comments and 7,000 registered users.

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Fun facts

The #jevoismtl hashtag remained at the top of the list of Canada’s most frequently discussed topics all day on November 17, the date of the major public gathering at Place des Arts

Tools and tricks

It’s not every day you get to write a manifesto! It takes a vision of the kind of society you want to build. Montrealers stepped up to the plate and signed the document, enabling us to kick off the campaign with thousands of emails in the bank.