TVA Nouvelles
Fond projet tva

The brief in a tweet

Rethink the multiplatform digital experience for TVA Nouvelles, all the while respecting the network's brand promise to "deliver news first".

The result

The news pages feature a dynamic timeline, which helps users get a brief overview of the story and navigate between headlines. The home page and different templates used to present the news focus on images and delivering information fast.

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  • apperçu_projet_tva_4

Fun facts

When we visited the TVA newsroom, the scene as a cross between the New York Stock Exchange and an air traffic control tower. Our AD compared the bustle to a garish shade of "bright fuchsia".

Tools and tricks

Short agile sprints of one week facilitated the flow of ideas, as well as experimentation with different graphic concepts and templates that could be quickly prototyped using Axure. The reliability of the interactive prototype enabled us to run usability and eye-tracking tests by, for example, simulating progressive display of advertising.